Copyrights (DMCA)

Copyrights (DMCA)

We at SoHiTechs respect all intellectual and moral property rights for everyone and follow Google’s instructions in publishing unique exclusive content that provides benefit to the visitor above all. We do not allow in any way to publish content owned by others without obtaining permission from him and mentioning the source within the topic and we do not allow Also post any content that violates the principles and policies of Google for publishers.

All copyrights are reserved to So High Tech The copyright and other intellectual property rights in all text, images, audio clips, software and other materials on this Site are the very exclusive content of SoHiTechs and its affiliates or have been used with permission from owners.

You are permitted to browse this website and to copy extracts by printing or downloading to a hard disk or for the purposes of distribution to other individuals and this may be done for informational purposes only, provided that the above copyright notice appears on such copies.

Terms of use

No copy of any part of this website may be sold or distributed for commercial profit nor may it be modified or incorporated into other works or publications, whether in hard or electronic form, including posting on any other website and no right or license is granted for any other use.

The materials that we put and publish are for educational purposes and do not target any specific segment and the content is directed to all groups in order to benefit from the topics we are not responsible for any abuse of the requirements of this COPPA law on the part of visitors from this category concerned.

If you see any content on our site that violates copyright or belongs to others and the source is not mentioned, please contact us immediately via the contact us form listed on our site or via the following email: Protection Status

The entire content of our site is protected by the DMCA, so do not commit the violation of copying the content without permission from the management of our site, SoHiTechs, so as not to be prosecuted by copyright protection.

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