How Do I Hide the Last Seen on WhatsApp?

How do I hide the last seen on WhatsApp

If you want to keep your status updates private, you can disable WhatsApp’s Last Seen feature. You can also hide the status updates of specific contacts and customize your “Last Seen” visibility. You can do this via WhatsApp’s settings. To make the Last Seen visible to specific contacts, you must delete the contacts first. This will prevent the “Last Seen” from showing up to anyone except for those contacts on your contact list.

Disable WhatsApp’s “Last Seen” feature

If you’re not happy with the Last Seen feature, you can easily disable it for all your contacts. Last Seen shows when a contact was last online, but that doesn’t mean they read your message. To keep your online status hidden, you can use WhatsApp’s privacy settings to control who can see it. Last seen only shows to your contacts if they’ve saved you.

You can turn off the last seen feature in WhatsApp by selecting the option “Nobody” under the privacy settings. This will make sure that no one else can see when you were last online. Once you’ve done this, you can change the setting back to “Everyone” at any time. It’s best to keep the privacy of your conversations between yourself and other people private. However, if you’re worried about privacy concerns, you can also try to disable the feature for a few selected contacts.

To disable the last seen feature, go to the Privacy settings and tap the “My Contacts Except…” option. Once you’ve done this, WhatsApp will add an option called “My Contacts Except…” in the list. This will allow you to select specific contacts from your list that won’t be able to view your last seen activity. This way, only people you’ve chosen to view your latest activities will see your last seen status.

Hide status updates from specific contacts

If you’re hesitant to show your online status to all of your friends, you can hide WhatsApp status updates from specific contacts. To hide your online status from certain contacts, navigate to the Status tab in WhatsApp and tap the “My Contacts” option. Then select the contacts you wish to hide from seeing your updates. Finally, tap “Done” to confirm your choice. Once you’ve hidden your status from specific contacts, you can always unhide it again.

One way to hide your online status from specific contacts on WhatsApp is to disable your Last Seen status. This status shows your current location, as well as your profile photo and stories. Although this feature is useful, it can also be a potential privacy concern. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to hide your Last Seen status from specific contacts. First, you can launch WhatsApp. From there, select Settings, Account, and Privacy.

Then, look for “My Contacts Except…”. Next to the person’s name, tap on the “My Contacts” menu, and select “Privacy.” In the drop-down menu, select the option. You can also block last seen and read receipts. The new feature is currently available for Android and iOS users, but will soon be rolled out to all. If you want to hide status updates from specific contacts on WhatsApp, now is the time to try it!

Customize your “Last Seen” visibility

Recently, WhatsApp introduced the ability to customize your “Last Seen” visibility for specific groups or individuals. While you’re not always online, it’s nice to be able to hide your activity from certain people. However, there’s a catch: this feature won’t work when you’re offline. If you’d rather customize your visibility to other people, here are a few options:

The first option is to choose who can see your Last Seen. You can make Last Seen visible to everyone, contacts only, or no one at all. When you choose “Nobody,” you’re only able to see the messages of your contacts. But you can change this at any time if you want to. Just follow the instructions on the next page and customize the settings to suit your needs.

In the “Profile” tab, you can choose the visibility of your Last Seen. It displays the time that you were last online. The feature is always visible in the Chats window, but you can turn it off permanently. To do this, simply open the “Profile” tab. After you’ve done so, you can select whether to show your Last Seen status to everyone or only to your contacts. WhatsApp might change this feature in the future, so you’ll want to check back regularly.

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