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Eating is one of life’s most basic functions; without eating, a person cannot live. When eating, people tend to eat healthy food since eating unhealthy food can harm their health. However, some characters in books, movies and TV shows eat strange foodstuffs that baffle others around them. For instance,

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in the novel The Great Gatsby, the main character Nick nicknames himself after the fish he catches with his hands. In addition to nicknames, some people have food habits they find humorous- such as eating with their hands or eating unusual things. That’s why choosing the right topic for a humorous character study can be challenging

Why are these types of quizzes popular?

There are a number of reasons why these types of quizzes are popular. Firstly, they help people understand themselves better. Secondly, they provide an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Thirdly, they help people find out what their personality is like and what personality traits they have. Lastly, it’s just fun!

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